Hiding Behind The Couch Series


HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH is a series of novels and short stories about a group of nine friends - The Circle - who first met at school.
They've been described as the literary equivalent of 'Take That' - there's a character to suit everyone.
Why not dip into the story and see what you think?


I write character-driven stories, and I don't like to stick to one genre. Thus, you'll find mostly CONTEMPORARY FICTION with/without romance, a little SCI-FI FANTASY of the amateur quantum physics (time travel-ish) variety, and some HISTORICAL FICTION too, all with strong LGBTQ+ representation (i.e. it's about people, people).

Not Fiction

I'm a social scientist, interdisciplinary - identity politics, gender and sexuality, social/political psychology; ethnographer, deconstuctionist, discourse-analytical...free-floating, unapologetic in-betweeny.
It's my fence, and I'll sit on it if I like. (The personal is political.)

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30th December, 2019

Review: Minuet by A.M. Leibowitz

Title: MinuetSeries: Notes from BostonAuthor: A.M. LeibowitzPublisher: Supposed CrimesRelease Date: 1st September 2019Full disclosure: I beta-read Minuet (along with books 2 and 3 -...

9th December, 2019

Rainbow Award for The Great Village Bun Fight

Woot! My 2018 novella The Great Village Bun Fight won an award this weekend. :)The Rainbow Awards are an annual/bi-annual event, run by Elisa Rolle, celebrating LGBTQ+ books across all...


Meredith's Dagger

“My God, why? All these women were put to death, and not just by hanging. Burning, swimming…” Tam looked up, in tears. “That book I was telling you about—the one I read for my Master’s? The author claimed witch hunts were how they disposed of dangerous women—wisewomen, midwives, healers, the ones who refused to do men’s bidding—before the lunatic asylums, and it’s all here.” Tam poked at the page repeatedly. “No evidence, insubstantial evidence, no evidence, no evidence—they were all innocent. All of them.” With a little more care, she flipped to the next page, read it, sat back with a frown, then read it again. “Meredith Moorcroft.” She met Anneka’s gaze. “Coincidence?”