Breaking Waves (HBTC Novella)

1st June, 2014
Breaking Waves (HBTC Novella) Cover


ISBN: 9781909192553

What do you do when you fall in love with your childhood best friend? Do you tell them and risk ruining the friendship?

And what then, if it takes decades for them to respond to your admission? Do you wait for an answer, hoping it will be the one you want to hear?

George did.

Now, thirty years on, the secrets are out in the open. But can two hearts almost destroyed by denial and separation ever be healed?

Fill in the gaps by joining George and Josh on their Cornish honeymoon against an awe-inspiring backdrop of breaking waves, sand and sunshine.

* * * * *

"So, was it any good?"

"You know, it was the usual sort of thing. Basically, there's this guy, a farmer, handsome, rugged, acts all tough."

"Typical romance novel character."

"And he meets the most unlikely person to have a relationship with - this bookish academic, a psychologist, I believe."

"Really? Sounds improbable."

"Yes. That's what I thought."

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