Sugar and Sawdust

1st July, 2014


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Jorje's sister worries about him. He's a successful model with a serious passion for fashion - a pretty boy, who looks a lot younger than his twenty-two years. And he's sweet and kind. Guys take advantage of him, playing him to get at his money, or just to be seen with him on their arm, which is why sister Taylor has taken over control of his finances, his grocery shopping, even his love life. So it's not looking good, when Jorje wakes up with no recollection of the night before, a whopping hangover and a ton of missed calls from Taylor...and a mystery guy in the bed.

* * *

Dear Author,

I adore my baby brother and I try not to meddle in his life but since our parents are halfway 'round the world, looking out for him is up to me and he is so unlucky in love, I can't help it. Guys are always taking advantage of his kindness and generosity (okay, gullibility). Yesterday, I saw him in a restaurant with this man, and I'm beside myself. Shall I send champagne or a walker? What's a big sis to do? Yeah, this guy doesn't look like he'll take his money but what about his heart?

Note: brother is twenty-something, just very youthful-looking.

Fingers crossed,


P.S. I'd like a sexy, more light-hearted than angsty story.

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