Hiding Out (CHO/HBTC Novella)

18th March, 2015
Hiding Out (CHO/HBTC Novella) Cover


ISBN: 9781910635384

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Published: 18th March, 2015
Length: 24,000 words (84 pages) approx.

If any adult was going to get the chicken pox, it would be Sean Tierney. That alone would be bad enough, but his illness means friend and colleague, Josh Sandison-Morley, has to step in and face his fears: guest-speaking at a university in Norwich. As Josh gathers his husband and his foster daughter for the trip, he is unaware that their world is about to collide with that of another makeshift family: Noah and Matty's.

Matty is agonising over his impending dance show. Sure, talent scouts will be in the audience, but there's an even bigger problem. Noah - Matty's on-again, off-again boyfriend - has promised to be there too. And Matty's dance? It has a secret meaning he's not sure he's ready to reveal to Noah.

Can Josh and Matty face their fears and perform for their respective crowds? More importantly, will the Sandison-Morleys' influence be enough to get the young men to express their feelings to each other before it's too late?

* * * * *

This novella continues the stories of Josh and George from the Hiding Behind the Couch Series and Matty and Noah from the Checking Him Out Series.

In Hiding Behind The Couch, this instalment falls chronologically around a quarter of the way through Two By Two (Season Six). The story continues in Reunions (Season Seven).

In Checking Him Out, this instalment follows on from Checking Him Out for The Holidays (Novella). The story continues in Taking Him On (Book Two).

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