Christmas Craic and Mistletoe (SOT #3)

25th December, 2015
Christmas Craic and Mistletoe (SOT #3) Cover


ISBN: 9781786450111

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Co-written by Debbie McGowan and Raine O'Tierney

Published: 25th December,2015
Length: 115k (406 pages) approx.

Two couples, two unique stories of love at Christmastime...

Harrison and Paulo were once passionate lovers - until tragedy tore them apart. When the men miss an opportunity to reconnect at a Christmas party, Paulo is prepared to move heaven and earth to see Harrison again.

Michael's coming out didn't go down well in his conservative hometown of Omagh, and the bullies are out to get him. But he has a guardian angel on his side - his unrequited long-term crush, Tom.

Will the magic of Christmas in Ireland be enough to see these two couples through?

This book features characters from the Seeds of Tyrone series, but can be read and enjoyed independently.

The Seeds of Tyrone series:
Leaving Flowers (book one)
Where the Grass is Greener (book two)
Christmas Craic and Mistletoe (book three)

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