To Be Sure (HBTC Novella)

16th November, 2017
To Be Sure (HBTC Novella) Cover


ISBN: 9781786451477

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Expected: Late 2017
Length: 25,000 words (110 pages) approx.

Saorla Tierney's sons are conspiring against her, and at their age, they should know better. After all, she's nearly seventy-one herself, and, quite frankly, whether she still 'has needs' is none of their business.

OK, so, maybe she was a bit harsh with Sean when all he did was ask if she and Aileen wanted a double hotel room. And of course she feels bad for biting Finn's head off when he was only having a wee joke.

But it's not as easy as they seem to think. Or maybe it is. She isn't so sure anymore.