Goth of Christmas Past (HBTC Novel)

31st October, 2018
Goth of Christmas Past (HBTC Novel) Cover


ISBN: 9781786452061

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Expected: 31st October, 2018
Length: 97,000 words (340 pages)

Black hair and band hoodies had a lot to answer for.

That day, eleven years ago, when Gothboy mooched into their business studies class for the very first time, Krissi had taken one look at him and thought, What a freak. He's so cool!

Now in their mid-twenties, Krissi Johansson and Jay Meyer are successful businesspeople and still best friends. But while one is moving forward with their life, the other is sliding ever backwards...revisiting the past and wallowing in regret.

Worse still, it's Christmas - happy joy joy everywhere! Yay. >.<

* * * * *

This is a stand-alone novel featuring 'the next generation' of HBTC characters. For those reading the series, this story follows (more or less) chronologically from Reunions (Season Seven).

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