The Advent of Reason (HBTC Novella)

20th December, 2018
The Advent of Reason (HBTC Novella) Cover


ISBN: 9781786453006

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Published: 20th December, 2018
Length: 47,000 words (approx.)

A weekend in an ancient castle and a murder-mystery game that becomes all too real. It's safe to say Josh's plans for a romantic anniversary with George are not turning out the way he'd hoped.

In spite of his cynicism, and his promise not to embark on any more life-threatening pursuits for answers, when one of the guests turns up dead, Josh can't help but put his talents to use to solve the murder.

The Advent of Reason is a (more or less) stand-alone novella-length character special in the Hiding Behind The Couch series.

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