No Dice

14th September, 2011
No Dice Cover


ISBN: 9781463590789

In the back of Ryan's mind lingered a childhood daydream of some day in his own distant future, where he was standing next to a fabulous sporty hatchback, girlfriend by his side, eager to go places. He had the car, he had the girl, he was young, tall, handsome and successful. As the years passed, one by one, the aspects of this dream failed to materialise.

Except the sporty hatchback, for there it was, right in front of him, goading him with its lilting headlights. "Love me, I am your dream car," it whispered seductively in his ear, "We can be anything you want us to be."

And he realised all at once that he hated that car.

It was that unique and special moment in every young man's life: the day he buys his first car and this one had style, class, a pedigree... and a mind of its own.

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