For the lady was in waiting,
Not yet a damsel in distress.
Her locks a shining rope of black
Over her bound bosomly dress.

"My Lord I've waited long enough."
(She informed him all ahush,
for she, lost in her adoration,
was never one to push).

"Not now M'lady." he replied
Aloud, it must be sworn.
Her eyes aspersed that he had lied-
A truth that she would scorn.

"My Lord, what is it that you seek?
"How can I be this thing?"
He prayed that she would not belie
The pleasures it could bring.

"It is not you I do not want
"My Lady's invitation."
(For it was taboo pleasures
which brought him excitation).

"I fear My Lord that you betray
"The love and lust we've built."
He shook his head sincerely
Yet his eyes betrayed a guilt.

"No My Lady is mistaken
"I do not wont at all."
He smiled within, a truth. A sin
His lady would befall.

She followed him all day all night
(Indeed till the end of time)
Until one dawn the discovery
Of his most personal crime.

"But why My Lord? For you know I am
"All that you asked me to be."
He tried in vain but could not explain
The things he chose to see.
She too tried hard to understand
with dread of each new dawn.
For what is past is past, is true
He swore on their first born.

Belief holds within her still
A soul destroyed, a lover's grave
And he did care for her despair
But there was himself to save.

"For what is past is past, is true,
"I swore on our first born."

"My Lord, you sacrificed all that was
"For lone pursuits at dawn."

"My Lady hesitates too much
And hankers on what's gone."

"My Lord has shattered hope and trust
"These things without makes none.
"My Lord he asks forgiveness
"And expects it I dare say.
"He casts a lowly shadow
"To wish it all away."

"And My Lady gives it
"Her presence does impart."

"My Lord be not mistaken,
"I can not live without a heart.
"A broken heart at least
"Is better (for it can still bleed, still beat)
"Than a cold heart that turns to black
"And simpers in retreat
"My Lord your accusation pains me,
"For you know I can not go
(Although you find you have yourself)
"I can not fall so low.
"I could never impose on another,
"The past is past, is true.
"My Lord the truth, the pain is real.
"But I would never betray you."

The days grew long, the nights were short
Midsummer's day gave birth
To respite from their warring
And mead dependent mirth
Then she returned to pondering
And he to counter found
No defence the best he had
And refused to give it sound.

Insistent that he knew not what
Had drove this wedge between
The years of love and trust that he
Had promised to his queen.
She could not stand to hear it all
Again. She could not stand
To build a battle fortress
She would play her hand.

"My Lord I fathom not your sins
"Your enduring selfish plan
"Which led me to embrace
"The words and touch of another man."

"My Lady goes beyond hell's gates
"And waves as she goes by."

"My Lord gave to me Hades' key."

"'Tis true to my own eye.
"But this most foul act you tell
"Occurred beyond the mind."

"My Lord it was ne'er my intent
"To be to you unkind."

"A start a start."

"An end I see."

"The future calls our name."

(The future you will never hear
While your head is hung in shame)

"What's past is past."

"Is true my Lord,
"For which you are at fault.
"I tell you of my passion act
"To give your heart a jolt."

"To redress my actions?"

"No My Lord
"To help you understand."
"All that you have done to me
"My end is at your hand."

She dropped the phial and she fled
Away from his mute cry.
The poison had been cast before:
A memory can not die.