Ruminations (HBTC Novel)

From Chapter 7: Until Now

    Whilst Sean stood in the doorway to his room, pondering over what he was to do about the lack of bedding (a lone, bare pillow was the sum total soft furnishings), a student emerged from the next room along, quietly closed his door, checked that it was locked, moved to walk away, went back and checked again, before heading in Sean's direction. The other student—young-looking and pale with foppish blonde hair—gave Sean a very brief smile on his way past.
    "Hello," Sean said, continuing to watch him all along the corridor, until he reached the door to the stairs. At the last second Sean called, "Excuse me."
    The other student stopped and turned around.
    "Sorry to bother you, but do you know if there's a linen store where I can get some blankets?"
    The other student frowned thoughtfully, making his way back. "You're supposed to bring your own," he said.
    "Ah." Sean put his rucksack down.
    "You're from Derry?"
    "That's right," Sean said, suitably impressed. The other student was seemingly perplexed by this. "I wouldn't have expected an Englishman to know the accent."
    The other student shrugged. "It's on the news a lot at the moment, and it's very distinct."
    "Ah, right. I'm Sean, by the way." He held out his hand. "Sean Tierney."
    "Josh Sandison," Josh responded, accepting the big rough hand of friendship extended to him.

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