The Old Man

The bees threw a cursory glance
I only noticed it by chance
My presence there had ruined their dance

The old man smiled and shook his head
And drummed on knees of legs of lead
And smiled again at what he'd said

And still I could not stand to see
The irony or comedy
There simply was no joke for me

The sun has shone
The breeze has gone
The trees no longer sway as one
Like last Autumn's fallen leaves
There she grieves
There she grieves

The pain was there for all to tell
She should've told him 'go to hell'
Instead she hollered 'hey that's swell'

The old man smiled with lowered brow
He'd given in explaining now
Perhaps he simply didn't know how

And though I could not stand I might
Have told him that I could that night
See reasons I should stay and fight

The sun is back
The old man's sack
Is empty from the last attack
Like the summer's long hot day
She will stay
She will stay